Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maha Ganapati

Maha Ganapati
Maha Ganapati
Red colored image of Ganesha Accompanied by one of His shaktis, "the Great," Maha Ganapati, is red-complexioned and three-eyed. He holds His tusk, a pomegranate, blue lily, sugar-cane bow, discus, noose, lotus, paddy sprig, mace and a pot of gems.with a third eye, 10 arms, bearing a ratna kumbham.

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Publisher: Phra Phuttharoop Saksit Club
Pages : 150 pages (Hard Cover)
Artist: Mr. Choosak Vissanukamron (see artist photo below)
Availability in Arts Gallery: Yes
Price : 590 Bhat (about US$18.00)


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