Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stripe Dzi Bead Meaning Card

Stripe Bead meaning Card
Buddhist Avlokiteshwor

Symbolizes life of comfort and fulfillment of all wishes. It has the ability to turn difficult situation into auspicious ones.
There are three classes of Stripe beads that are often confused for one another. They are the thread bead, the striped bead, and the banded bead. Thread is the smallest marking. Striped beads have a little larger than thread marking. Banded beads have large swatches of markings. Beads can have bands separated by stripes. Thread beads are always single marking and not combined with other symbols. Each striped and banded beads can have one or more markings going across the bead. Threads are always some form of healer, Stripes are always some form of wealth or money, Banded are always comfort, luxury, or lifestyle. Please read description under Striped Dzi Beads.
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